Reclaiming through the Arts: Shiri Sher and Geula Vardi

Mother and daughter of Yemenite heritage share their return to spirituality and the Yemenite heritage.

Geula Vardi is an artist In the past she worked for Ofra Haza,  designing her performing clothing, and did some paintings inspired by her music. She also developed a program showcasing the culture and heritage of the Yemenitepeople, including   their rich folklore traditions and the culture of Yemen. One of her drawings was provided as a gesture of peace to the Foreign Minister of Yemen at the United Nations.

Shiri Sher is an author of spiritual children’s books, aimed at helping young children understand Judaism’s intricacies – one of these was illustrated by her mother. Both mother and daughter are educators at their core and believe that their deep spirituality is based in their connection to their Sephardi Heritage.